The easiest, most versatile backdrop lift system
for the busy photographer.

Technical Specifications
Length / Height The maximum height above the floor at which the unit can be mounted is currently 12 feet. Greater heights may be custom ordered.
WidthThe lift will support rolls of up to 12 feet.
Ceiling Support RequirementsThe ceiling must support a load of up to 340 lbs.
Lifting CapacityThe maximum lifting capacity of the lift is 150 lbs.
Forward / Backward TravelThe lift can be moved away from the wall about 4 1/2 feet. Custom travel options are available.
Shipping Weight of the UnitAbout 85 lbs.
Lift Speed60 feet per minute.
ActivationThe hoist ships with a control pendant containing two rocker switches which control up/down and roll/unroll.
Safety FeaturesLifts have an up travel limit safety switch.